Frist real ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ trailer drops


Our breakdown of the first live action trailer for Star Trek: Discovery.

We finally have a Star Trek: Discovery trailer.

Let’s talk about the good first, because we are as Trekkies naturally optimistic. I loved the new uniforms, they really do look like they are half way between Star Trek: Enterprise and Kirk. All the uniforms are blue, but if you look closely you can see that the command uniforms have gold on them and what we are guessing is science has silver.

screengrab from the Star Trek: Discovery trailer

It also looks like this trailer is all from the first episode. There are only a few episodes of Star Trek: Discovery in the can and so it would make sense to only show scenes from the first episode or two.

The biggest thing we are missing is an image of the Discovery herself. The ship in the trailer is the USS Shenzhou captained by Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Georgiou. This means that either we are keeping the Discovery out of the first trailer on purpose, possibly to reveal at San Diego Comic-Con, or the Discovery doesn’t show up until later episodes.

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery trailer

The trailer was dramatic and exciting, and it certianly set up an interesting arch for  Sonequa Martin-Green as First Officer Michael Burnham. It sounds like Michael Burnham may be part Vulcan.

Sarek seems to be looking down on a young Burnham.

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery trailer

Sarek even shows up as a hologram adviser of some sort.

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery trailer

I do love the assortment of new aliens in the trailer, they look fantastic.

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery trailer

I am also intrigued by the Lobot looking cyborg on the bridge.

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery trailer

We also see a quick glance at a robot.

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery trailer

I even like the new Klingon look. Keep in mind that this is some sort of religious Klingon ship, so this may not be the look all Klingons have at this point.

screengrab from Star Trek: Discovery

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What I didn’t like about the trailer was that it didn’t reveal the ship the series is named after. Perhaps that’s because the Discovery’s first appearance has some sort of significance and they don’t want to spoil anything, but not seeing the Discovery in the trailer for Star Trek: Discovery is disappointing.

I also don’t love the soft glowing light and the lens flares. That’s always bugged me in the Kelvin timeline and it’s going to bug me here too. I understand wanting it to look more modern, but there are ways to do that that don’t involve lens flares.

I wanted the Discovery trailer to be something I would want to watch again and again. Although it isn’t that kind of trailer, I won’t be watching this ten times, it is good. The second watch of the trailer got me a lot more fired up for the show as I noticed details.

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