Star Trek: Discovery trailer theory


 We didn’t actually see the Discovery in the Star Trek: Discovery trailer, and we think we know why.

SPOILER WARNING: This article contains Star Trek: Discovery theories. If you don’t want to see something that might possibly spoil the show then don’t read this article. You could always go back in time to stop yourself form reading it, but then you get a visit from Starfleet Department of Temporal Investigations and who has time for that? 

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So we never actually saw an image of the Discovery in the Star Trek: Discovery trailer. Doesn’t that seem strange?

Now it could be that the story just starts with the USS Shenzhou and then moves on to the Discovery. Only a few episodes of Star Trek: Discovery are complete and it could be that they don’t have good footage of the Discovery. It also could be that they are saving the Discovery for a big revel in the second Star Trek: Discovery trailer.

Or it could be something more…

What if the Discovery hasn’t been seen because we haven’t gotten to the Discovery yet. We already saw a young Michael Burnham, it could be that Discovery involves some time travel. We’ve also now seen Burnham on the Shenzhou, but could she also be a part of the Discovery crew.

The theory we’re pitching around is that something happens to the Shenzhou and Burnham may be the only survivor. Then some years later Burnham has to return to the place where the Shenzhou was lost as the first officer of the Discovery.

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So what do you think? Why haven’t we see the Discovery yet in a Star Trek: Discovery trailer? Let us know on Facebook or in the comments below.