Star Trek: Discovery – Timeline and Continuity Issues


Star Trek: Discovery hasn’t been released and there are already countless continuity issues.

Set 10 years before Kirk’s 5-year mission, Star Trek: Discovery is already tripping itself up with continuity and timeline errors. First, let’s break down the timeline of when the show takes place to help establish a baseline.


What we know so far.

  1. Star Trek: Discovery takes place in the Prime Timeline.
  2. The show is set 10 years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise… whatever that means.
  3. NCC 1701’s first 5-year mission took place in 2250.
  4. The current stardate for the show is roughly 2255.

Why nothing makes sense.

Because this show is set in the Prime Timeline, this limits its creative abilities. However, this allows CBS to pull upon nostalgic imagery from Star Trek: The Original Series. Which for some reason they have decided against doing.

First up, let’s discuss the uniform design. This look is VERY similar to uniforms being worn in Star Trek: Beyond. The only problem here is that this show doesn’t take place in that universe. Is it possible that the same design exists in both timelines? Yes. But in reality, it would seem like CBS is trying to capitalize on the look/feel of ‘Beyond’ as opposed to adhering to continuity.

Star Trek: The Original Series – CBS

Next up we have the ’10 years before Kirk, Spock, and the Enterprise’ issue. Alpha canon tells us that Captain Christopher Pike was in command of the USS Enterprise before Kirk. And, that Spock was his first officer during their 5-year mission.

The Star Trek Encyclopedia goes even further to state that Capt Robert April had the very first 5-year mission on-board the Enterprise. That would put the initial launch of the Enterprise at around 2250 – 15 years before Kirk.

However, even if you just go with the information provided in TOS, the line ’10 years before…’ makes almost zero sense.

Was it 10 years before the Enterprise was launched? 10 years before Spock was on the Enterprise? Or 10 years before Kirk AND Spock were together? This is mind-boggling.

And finally, we come to the bridge design. You would have to be kind of blind not to see the similarities between the USS Franklin and Shenzhou. The rough geometric shapes, similar looking HUD’s, pilot’s joystick, chairs, and even lighting. These ships are definitely similar in looks/feel.

But why?

There are 102 years of separation between the Franklin and the Shenzhou. If anything, the Shenzhou should look something closer to the TOS bridge we all know and love. It makes no sense why these two ships even look remotely similar.

USS Enterprise Bridge – CBS

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Keep in mind that this ship, with this look, with these uniforms is flying around the universe DURING Star Trek: Discovery. What gives?

Ultimately I feel that CBS is simply ignoring their own continuity in favor of an appeal to the masses. “Come watch this show…it kinda looks like the movie you just watched, right?” – This seems to be the mantra behind the designs.

I think it’s time to call this show what it is: a reboot/re-imagining of the entire franchise. Period.

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