Star Trek: Discovery will have a companion after show


Star Trek: Discovery is going to have a companion after show like The Talking Dead, Talking Bad, or After the Thrones.

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Companion after shows where a panel discusses the latest episode of a hit television series are all the rage. The format really came into its own when The Talking Dead hosted by Chris Hardwick became a hit alongside its companion series The Walking Dead.

These shows are a hit with fans because they give insight on the show and discuss what’s going to happen in the next episode. This is really just television networks realizing that they can cash in on the podcasts about their programs by making them into their own television shows.

Now according to Deadline it looks like Star Trek: Discovery is going to follow this trend and get its own after the series companion show. We don’t know the title of the show, but Discussing Discovery has to be the front runner right?

These shows are fun and any discussion of Trek is great in our opinion. We’d love to see the show expand beyond just being alongside Star Trek: Discovery though and really become a talk show format for all of Star Trek. It would be similar to The Star Wars Show that is now covering all of Star Wars for Disney and You could have interviews with Trek alums and cover everything going on with Star Trek.

There’s also no word yet on if this show will be available on a public format like YouTube or if it will be restricted to CBS All Access.  If the show is on an open format it would be a great chance to connect with new viewers and expand the reach of Discovery.

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