Star Trek alums celebrate Red Nose Day


It’s Red Nose Day and some of the greats of Star Trek took to social media to celebrate and raise money to fight child poverty.

Red Nose Day was originally an event started in Great Britain as a way to help fight child poverty. The day has grown more and more each year however and has now jumped across the pond and made its way to America. The red nose was chosen because it’s a way to visably show support and it’s fun.

It’s an awesome charity and an awesome day, so of course an awesome captain would be involved. William Shatner is a big supporter of Red Nose Day and this year was no different.

Shatner even found a way to work in some jabs at Star Wars in his Red Nose Day social media posts.

Shatner wasn’t the only Trek alum supporting the day though. Here’s the one and only Brent Spiner, red nose and all!

It wasn’t just the Star Trek stars who got in the spirit of the day though, regular Trekkies did as well!

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We love seeing Trek alums using their fame to give back, especially when the cause is something as awesome as this. Trek is about coming together and luckily many Trek actors have taken that message to heart.

Red Nose Day isn’t just for Trekkies though, there’s plenty for people who love other franchises. David Tennant has brought together seven doctors who all played the Doctor on Doctor Who. He’s offering to bring one lucky fan who donates to Red Nose Day to London to have breakfast with this amazing group of Time Lords. 

If you’d like to help Red Nose Day you can donate here! 

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