Wil Wheaton returns to the Enterprise on TableTop


This week Wil Wheaton made a glorious return to the Enterprise on his YouTube board game review show ‘TableTop’ with the game ‘Star Trek: Fiver Year Mission.’

We’re always big fans of Wil Wheaton’s TableTop because we love board games and we love Wil. What’s better than Wil Wheaton teaching you about and reviewing a new and wonderful board game? Wil Wheaton teaching you about and reviewing a new and wonderful board game based on Star Trek!

This week Wheaton is joined by Nerdist News’ Jessica Chobot, actress Jamie King, and YouTube personality Jesse Cox. These brave members of Starfleet will now take on the unknown and boldly go on their very own five year mission.

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TableTop is great not only because it’s a ton of fun to watch, but because it’s a great way to see a game in action before you buy it. There are a lot of Star Trek games, and honestly as much as we love Trek they aren’t all fantastic. That’s where seeing a game played on TableTop comes in.

Fortunately Star Trek: Fiver Year Mission looks great. We’re big fans of Star Trek games that allow the players to cooperate. The heart of Star Trek lies in cooperation and a crew working together to overcome any problem. So while we understand that games like Star Trek Risk can be fun from time to time, it’s always more fun to play a game like Star Trek: Five Year Mission where you get to work as a team. It just feels more Trek like.

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