Experience near weightlessness with William Shatner


You can fly on the vomit comet and experience near weightlessness with William Shatner this August, but it’s going to cost you.

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A company called Zero Gravity offers a chance for you to experience near weightlessness on board one of their aircraft. The Zero Gravity aircraft perform parabolic maneuvers to create weightlessness that can last between 20-30 seconds. On each flight Zero Gravity passengers get to go on 15 parabolic maneuvers, so in the end you get about seven and a half minutes of near weightlessness. These are of course the same kinds of flights that NASA takes astronauts on in their famous vomit comet to train for the microgravity that they will experience in space.

The flights don’t come cheap though, an average flight with Zero Gravity is going to run you $4,950 dollars, tax not included. If you’re looking to join William Shatner on his flight this August, it’s going to cost a good bit more than that.

The Shatner flight which will be in Las Vegas during the Star Trek Las Vegas convention will cost you an incredible $9,950 dollars, plus tax. That’s a lot of cash to be throwing around, but you will get seven seconds floating in near weightlessness with Captain James T. Kirk so…

If you want to fly with Shatner you can book your trip by visiting the Zero Gravity website and selecting “FLY WITH SHATNER.” It may seem like a costly adventure, but you know it’s going to sell out with Trekkies at Star Trek Last Vegas.

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