Chase Masterson and Swear Trek take on the Star Trek: Discovery haters


Chase Masterson and Swear Trek team up to hilariously take on the Star Trek: Discovery trailer haters.

Everyone loves Chase Masterson. If you don’t love Chase Masterson then we have to question your Trekkie credentials. Not only was Masterson awesome as Leeta in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but she is smart, funny, and seems to genuinely love interacting with the fans. Her twitter account is a must follow for Trekkies.

If you follow Masterson on Twitter though you will quickly learn that she isn’t hanging around to take any crap. Masterson has no problem letting her opinions on politics be known, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Chase Masterson stood up to Quark as Leeta in “Bar Association” and she’s got no problem standing up to the Quarks of the world online too.

Swear Trek is of course another Twitter account that every Trek fan should be following. Swear Trek takes classic Trek puts it in bit sized GIF form and adds colorful and hilarious subtitling. If you like to laugh you need to be a Swear Trek follower.

When we saw this magical exchange happening on Twitter yesterday between Swear Trek and Masterson we got very excited.

Oh Prophets of Bajor please let this happen.

Was something great about to come out of this? Yes, yes it was.

Swear Trek and Masterson revealed their creation today, and it was everything we hoped it would be.

This is easily our favorite tweet of all time.

Because if you’re upset about Star Trek: Discovery having diversity in the cast you haven’t been paying attention to Trek for the last fifty years. Star Trek has always been about what humanity can be if it embraces science and diversity, get over it. We promise your dick won’t really fall off.

We really hope Masterson and Swear Trek keep working together, the Alpaha Quadrant needs more of this.

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