Star Trek Beyond coming to Amazon Prime Video


Star Trek Beyond will be added to Amazon Prime Video starting in June.

If you haven’t yet seen Star Trek Beyond and you subscribe to Amazon Prime this is your chance. Star Trek Beyond will be added to the streaming service starting June 17th in the United States.

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There are some Star Trek fans that don’t enjoy the J.J. Abrams Kelvin Timeline of Star Trek and so they avoided Star Trek Beyond. While that may sound crazy to some Trekkies we know it happened. If you are one of these holdouts and you still haven’t seen Beyond this may be a great no risk chance to dive back into the Kelvin Timeline of Trek.

The Kelvin Timeline isn’t perfect, but let’s be honest no Trek is perfect. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier shouldn’t be at the top of anyone’s list of movies to watch. If you’re able to forgive the original crew for that Sybok misadventure then you should probably forgive the crew of the Kelvin timeline for Into Darkness.

Star Trek Beyond is filled with nods to Trekkies after all from an image of the original cast to a green hand in the credits. The movie is fun and fast paced and even if you hate the Kelvin timeline you’d be hard pressed not to enjoy the adventure.

If you are one of those stalwart holdouts why not open your mind to new things and give Star Trek Beyond a chance on Amazon Prime Video in June?

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What do you think? Will you watch Beyond on Amazon Prime?