Star Trek: The Cruise II Lineup Finalized


Here’s the lineup for both of the 2018 voyages of Star Trek: The Cruise II.

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Star Trek: The Cruise II will sail twice, both times in January 2018. The first cruise will be from January 5-11 and the second will be from January 11-17. Last years Star Trek: The Cruise was a huge success selling out very quickly.

This years cruise doesn’t look to be any different and will be hosted by none other than George Takei. Takei has made some big promises about the cruise. The biggest though is that the cruise will be the most interactive experience ever created between Star Trek fans and actors. Trekkies have a lot of experience interacting with Star Trek alums at conventions, so this means that Star Trek: The Cruise must be an extra special experience.

The lineup for Star Trek: The Cruise II has also be finalized.

From Star Trek: The Original Series:

George Takei

From Star Trek: The Next Generation:

LeVar Burton

Michael Dorn

Jonathan Frakes

Gates McFadden

Brent Spiner

John de Lancie

From Star Trek: Deep Space Nine:

Rene Auberjonois

Robert O’Reilly

Max Grodenchik

Casey Biggs

Armin Shimerman

Nana Visitor

Jeffrey Combs

From Star Trek: Voyager:

Ethan Phillips

Vaughn Armstrong

That’s quite the list of Star Trek celebrities. You’d be hard pressed to find any con that had that many Star Trek alum outside of Star Trek: Las Vegas.

If you’re interested in going on Star Trek: The Cruise II be sure to book your cabin soon as space is limited and last years event sold out quickly.

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