Watch Star Trek: Operation Enterprise roller coaster in action


Check out this video of the new Star Trek: Operation Enterprise roller coaster at Germany’s Movie Park.

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To catch a ride on the Enterprise D you’d need a time machine, but to ride the next best thing you may only need a ticket to Germany. The Star Trek: Operation Enterprise roller coaster has been completed and is now taking brave riders on a wild ride inspired by Star Trek: The Next Generation. 

Until now we’ve only really seen what the ride looks like under construction and on the outside. Those pieces of the ride pretty much just looked like any other roller coaster. Now we finally get to see the ride with the Star Trek flair added to it.

The ride looks really fantastic.

It would be hard to make a Star Trek ride. Rides are for thrills and Star Trek, although sometimes thrilling, really doesn’t lend itself to a ride that’s just a battle like Star Wars does. This ride appears to walk the line between thrill ride and Trek by adding Trek elements to a traditional roller coaster.

It’s the little things about the ride that impress us, like the Starfleet uniforms on the ride attendants and the Starfleet Academy design. The building the ride begins in really does resemble a building from the Starfleet Academy campus.

So if you’re looking for a great roller coaster and you’re a Trekkie Star Trek: Operation Enterprise might be just what you’re looking for.

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