Actors who appeared in Star Trek and Star Wars


Check out this video breaking down actors who have appeared in both of the great science fiction franchises, Star Trek and Star Wars.

Star Trek vs. Star Wars, it’s the great debate of nerdkind. Should we even be having the debate though? Star Trek is a tale about humanity and science, Star Wars is a wonderful fairy tale in space. That came out a little bad didn’t it?

Not everyone has chosen a side though, this video from Looper breaks down the roles of some fantastic actors who appeared in both of these epic franchises.

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Some of those I knew about, like Rob Perlmen and George Takei, but some like Brent Spiner were a huge surprise. Who knew that Ethan Phillips was part of the Knights of the Old Republic video game? After all the hours upon hours I spent playing Knights of the Old Republic and watching Star Trek: Voyager I never put it together that that voice was Ethan Phillips. I always knew Neelix was a Sith!

Perhaps it’s time for Star Trek and Star Wars fans to come together and put an end to this silly debate. We are all nerds here after all. Why can’t we just join hands sing a rousing version of Yub Nub and pass the blood wine? Besides the debate between Star Wars and Star Trek has already been settled.

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