Star Trek: Online 2017 Summer Event!


The annual Star Trek: Online Summer Event is set to kick off soon and promises exciting events, new prizes, and much more!

Sure Star Trek: Online takes place 400 years in the future, but some things never change. That includes people’s desire for some much needed R&R. I mean, who doesn’t love fun in the sun? Especially when that sun is located in the beautiful world of Risa!

From June 8th to July 20th, players will be able to engage in all manner of fun activities on the resort planet. From building sandcastles to racing hoverboards, you will be able to connect with others from all corners of the quadrant.

But having fun isn’t the only incentive to swing by Risa; this year’s prizes are more than enough to entice any die-hard Trek fan.

Prizes include:

Vorgon Ryn’Kodan Carrier [T6].
Tiger Striped Risian Caracals (Vanity Pets)
Floaters and Powerboards (Ground Devices)
Rash Guards (Swimwear)
Universal Kit Module – Sandstorm Generator

As with previous years, players participating in the fun events on Risa will earn Lohlunat Prize Vouchers which can be traded for prizes. This process is similar to modern-day arcades; you turn in tickets for fun prizes behind the counter. Only these prizes aren’t silly erasers!

Veterans of Star Trek: Online will tell you not to sleep on these events either! The summer events go by quick and if you’re not playing enough then the best prizes will slip away!

As a long time player of Star Trek: Online I can tell you that nothing is more fun than getting on the beach with your friends and racing them around on your hoverboards! I have always particularly loved the jetpack races…hard to control but exciting!

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