Wonder Woman is the best DC movie


Wonder Woman starring Gal Gadot and Star Trek Beyond star Chris Pine is the best DC movie yet.

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Wonder Woman is a fantastic movie. It’s not a fantastic movie by DC movie standards, it’s not a fantastic movie by super hero movie standards, it’s just a fantastic movie.

Wonder Woman manages to walk the fine line between being an over-the-top cartoon style comic book movie and being too dark and not fun. The DC universe has struggled on the big screen with cartoon flops like The Green Lantern and long dull messes like Batman vs. Superman. Perhaps this film is a sign that DC is finally getting it right.

Gal Gadot is fantastic as Wonder Woman and manages to make a super hero that can easily go into campy territory fun and relatable. Even though Gadot’s hero is from a strange land and has strange ways we are able to connect with her because of the charming and genuine way the character is played.

The interaction between Gadot and Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is also fantastic. Both characters are allowed to be themselves and shine in their own way. Trevor is a great character but doesn’t steal the show from Wonder Woman. There’s no Captain Kirk stealing the spotlight in this one as Pine’s Trevor plays off Wonder Woman in a lovable way. The humor between Gadot and Pine is fantastic and low key. After a plethora of comic book movies with sarcastic taunts after each punch it’s nice to see genuine humor in a super hero flick.

Wonder Woman is a great movie and you should get out and see it this weekend.

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