Is NVIDIA’s Project Holodeck the next Star Trek inspired invention?


NVIDIA’s Project Holodeck is trying to bring one of the most famous pieces of tech from Star Trek: The Next Generation to life.

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The holodeck is one of the most famous pieces of tech to come out of Star Trek. In Star Trek: The Next Generation the virtual reality world of the holodeck played a key role in many of the adventures of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew. Now according to c/net NVIDIA is trying to bring this Trek tech to life with their Project Holodeck.

Star Trek has inspired many inventions over the years. From the communicator inspiring the cell phone to the PADD inspiring the tablet computer. Trek has always predicted where technology was going to go, and that’s only right since the heart of Star Trek is science. Star Trek is about showing what humanity can be if it focuses on science. That’s why so many real life scientists love and were inspired by Star Trek.

So here we are again, but this time with the holodeck. NVIDIA’s holodeck isn’t a room you walk into, but a virtual space, and in some ways that’s a good thing. The virtual holodeck allows people from all over the world to come together to experience this new virtual reality space.

Check out project holodeck for yourself.

So we aren’t quite to the point of Moriarty running amok on the holodeck, but this is still very impressive. The biggest difference in Project Holodeck and the holodeck of Star Trek is of course that the objects don’t actually have mass. Photons aren’t being manipulated to create a solid object. This is an amazing three dimensional space, but it doesn’t yet have substance. Still Project Holodeck is taking us one step closer to one of the most intriguing pieces of Trek tech.

Read more about Project Holodeck at c/net.

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