The real size of Star Trek ships


In this video a humorous Star Wars Youtube channel takes a look at the sizes of some famous Star Trek vessels.

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The YouTube channel Generation Tech usually deals with Star Wars. The channel is full of fun breakdowns and what if scenarios for Star Wars ships and tech. Today however Generation Tech is diving into the Alpha Quadrant and taking a look at some Star Trek ships.

Many diehard Trekkies will of course know how large the ships of the Federation are, but it’s also fun to see them compared to some modern equivalents. It’s also just a good time seeing a runabout lined up next to a Winnebago.

Check out Generation Tech’s breakdown of Trek vessels.

I didn’t realize that the Vengeance was the same size as a Star Destroyer. Of course I also don’t love Star Trek Into Darkness, it’s my least favorite Trek film. That being said a fight between a Federation vessel and a Star Wars Imperial Star Destroyer is the stuff that nerd dreams are made of. Even if we clearly know who would win… lasers would do you little good against Starfleet shields.

A very old regulation indeed.

I know that I’m biased, but there’s just no way a Star Wars vessel could hold up against a  Trek ship. From lasers and blasters to the their ship of the line tactics they just wouldn’t stand a chance.

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