Mark Hamill’s son wishes Star Wars a happy birthday with an Enterprise picture


Mark Hamill’s son tweeted out a happy birthday message to Star Wars with a picture of the Enterprise and the reaction from Hamill was fantastic.

Star Wars turned 40 and everyone wanted to get in on the celebration, including Nathan Hamill, the son of Star Wars star Mark Hamill.

Here’s what Nathan tweeted…

Obviously Nathan knows that’s the Enterprise from Star Trek and is just having a little fun on Twitter, but his famous father couldn’t just let it slide.

There are so many problems in the Skywalker family aren’t there? Fathers and sons of that clan just can’t seem to get along. William shatner tweeted a reply welcoming Nathan into Starfleet, but deleted the tweet shortly after that. Here’s a screenshot of that tweet.

screenshot of tweet

We don’t know why Shatner deleted his tweet, it’s not like he’s a stranger to mocking Star Wars fans.

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The Shatner works in mysterious ways indeed.

This is so much fun, this is why Twitter is so great for following the actors and stars who you love. Star Trek twitter in particular is a really fun group of people. Mark Hamill is certianly a must follow for fans of any franchise, he’s just fantastic. It’s really great that social media has created a space for people to get to know these actors who they love outside of cons. Not everyone lives near or can afford to go to a con after all.

This kind of two way communication with these stars is something special that we just didn’t have before social media. So you can complain about social media all you want, for fans it’s a win.

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