What would happen to the Star Trek universe if Earth was lost?


The Ketwolski YouTube channel takes a look at what would happen to the Star Trek universe if Earth was lost.

Earth is a key point in the Federation. This is why so many of the evil plots of the Borg, Dominion, Romulans, or Xindi revolve around capturing or destroying Earth. Earth is the capital of the Federation and therefore the center of the great galactic power.

Check out what Ketwolski thinks would happen if Earth was lost.

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While I think Ketwolski’s video is fascinating, I’m not sure I see the Federation moving to the Bolian Sector. Andor might be cold, but the Andorians are also the species that seems to run parallel to humans. In the Star Trek universe the Andorians have a very similar history to humans, they were warriors who are trying over time to find a better way. This means Andor might be a natural home for the Federation. Andor might be cold, but the Andorians have lived there for a long time and their cities and settlements wouldn’t be exposed to the cold of the planet’s surface.

I certianly agree that the Federation headquarters wouldn’t be on Vulcan. Not that the Vulcan’s couldn’t serve as a home for the Federation, it’s just that they probably wouldn’t welcome it. The Vulcan’s are willing to engage with other species, but they also value their culture and privacy. A species as closed as the Vulcans just wouldn’t be the place for the Federation.

One option not discussed in the video is Trill. The Trill are very similar to humans, despite some of them being joined. The wisdom of the Trill might be key to stabilizing the Federation after losing Earth.

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