Star Trek: Discovery gets a launch date


After multiple delays Star Trek: Discovery will finally take to the stars on September 24, 2017.

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Star Trek: Discovery hasn’t had a smooth start, which is something of a tradition with Star Trek series. Star Trek: The Original Series had a rocky start itself with two pilots and was only saved because Lucile Ball got involved and decided to give the series a chance.

Star Trek: Discovery doesn’t have a guardian angel like Lucile Ball, but it does now finally have a solid launch date. The newest Star Trek series will debut on September 24, 2017. The pilot episode will be broadcast on CBS with the rest of the series being released through CBS All Access.

CBS needs the Discovery pilot to make a strong impression if they want to draw viewers to their paid service. There will of course be diehard Star Trek fans who sign up for the service, but if CBS wants the kind of devoted audience that other major science fiction and fantasy franchises have gotten they are going to have to start strong. Traditionally Star Trek series also don’t have the best first episodes or seasons. Even the beloved Star Trek: The Next Generation took a couple of seasons to find the sweet spot.

The road that CBS has chosen for Star Trek: Discovery isn’t easy, but if any franchise can boldly go there and succeed it’s Star Trek.

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