J.G. Hertzler’s Martok joins Star Trek: Online


Martok is a Star Trek fan favorite and now J.G. Hertzler is bringing the Klingon warrior to Star Trek: Online.

Martok is a Trekkie favorite because he was everything you wanted in a Klingon warrior. Martok wasn’t just a great warrior, he was also honorable. There were so many devious Klingons in Star Trek, the honorable few stood out. This of course is funny since all the Klingons talked about was honor.

Now we are going to get some new Martok stories as actor J.G. Hertzler brings his beloved character to Star Trek: Online.

Check out Hertzler talking about about Martok and Star Trek: Online.

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Originally Martok was killed on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine as a changeling infiltrator. The character was brought back from the dead though when the original Martok was discovered in a Dominion prison camp. It looks like something similar will be done in Star Trek: Online as well. In the STO story Martok is allegedly dead, having been killed in a duel. Obviously though Martok isn’t dead and is going to be brought back somehow. It should be another interesting turn in the story of General Martok.

It’s fantastic that they got J.G. Hertzler to come back as Martok as well. There’s really no way you could get someone else to take on this role and make it work. J.G. Hertzler is so connected to Martok that another actor in the role would just feel hollow.

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