Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Armin Shimerman to be USC professor


Armin Shimerman announces that he will be a professor of Shakespeare at USC.

From DS9 to USC. Armin Shimerman is best known for his role of Quark the Ferengi bartender on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, but he’s also an accomplished Shakespearean actor. Now Shimerman is preparing for a new role, as a professor of Shakespeare at the University of Southern California. If you’re a USC student and a Star Trek and Shakespeare fan this would be a must take course.

Shimerman announced his new professor role on Twitter.

Shimerman has been heavily involved in Shakespearean productions for years. Here’s a look at a workshop on the Bard hosted by Shimerman way back in 1993 at a Beauty and the Beast (the 90’s sitcom, not the either of the Disney films) convention.

Shakespeare has always been a big part of Shimerman’s life, he even met his wife while performing Love’s Labor’s Lost.

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Shimerman is a delight and an incredibly engaging actor. If he really does get more joy from teaching than from acting his class at USC is going to be something truly special. Shimerman isn’t just a Trekkie fan favorite because fans love Quark, although they do. Armin is loved by Trekkies because he is such an incredibly engaging and interesting person.  Shimerman is always the hit of any Star Trek convention he happens to attend.

This is a great chance to learn Shakespeare from an actor who truly loves the Bard. Besides like the seventy fourth Ferengi Rule of Acquisition says “Knowledge equals profit.”

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