Star Trek: Discovery announces San Diego Comic-Con plans


Star Trek: Discovery will be coming to San Diego Comic-Con this year and the panel will include both cast and creatives.

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We all remember what happened last year during the Star Trek panel at San Diego Comic-Con. The panel was fun, but what we all wanted was information about Star Trek: Discovery. Instead what we got was a short video at the end of the panel that fans quickly turned on.

Soon after the video got panned by most fans online CBS and Bryan Fuller announced that the video wasn’t a final look for Discovery. So what information we did get wasn’t really information on the series at all.

Hopefully it goes better this time because here we go again!

The great news here is that the people making Discovery and the cast are going to be at San Diego Comic-Con. Sometimes on the newer shows they try to hold back on the cast and just put forward producers and people who know how to tow the company line. The cast will be a really fun addition and should give us a lot more interesting information about Star Trek: Discovery.

We got some big Star Trek: Discovery news this week when it was announced that Jonathan Frakes would be directing an episode of the new Trek series. It really does feel like CBS is starting to turn things around with Discovery.

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