Star Trek Discovery reveals first look at new Klingon Kol


Star Trek Discovery has released a look at Commander Kol, the newest Klingon, who will be played by Kenneth Mitchell. What do you think of the new look?

We’re less than two months away from the debut of Star Trek Discovery, and the flow of news is quickening particularly as the show is taking center stage at Star Trek Las Vegas.

During one of the four Discovery panels at STLV, an image was released of Commander Kol, a Klingon commander played by Kenneth Mitchell. You can check out the video embedded below with the image.

Mitchell has been doing his homework on Klingons in preparation for this role. He told the crowd gathered in Las Vegas:

"“I’m always going over the Klingon language. I’m constantly running my lines over and over again [while getting ready]. Because it’s incredibly difficult. It takes a lot of muscle memory pronouncing the syllables over and over again.”"

As you likely know by now, this isn’t the first time Klingons have been completely redesigned. In the original series, Captain James Tiberius Kirk did battle with Kor, Kang and Koloth, all Klingons who had no prosthetics and used simple facial hair and makeup to express their origins.

When the original series movies began, prosthetics were introduced to the Klingon race. As the movies went on, the look continued to evolve, right into Star Trek: The Next Generation, with Worf and those who we could consider modern Klingons.

Once again, in the reboot movies, J.J. Abrams redesigned the Klingons, leaving behind both the original series and movies, and TNG’s design as well.

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We’ve hit this new iteration of the Klingon motif. What do you think of this new look? Is enough enough at this point, or do you like the redesign?