Wishing Cirroc Lofton a happy 39th birthday


On Monday, August 7th, Cirroc Lofton will celebrate his 39th birthday. Lofton played Jake Sisko in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

As we near Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s 25th anniversary, we have another big day to recognize. Today, on Monday, August 7th, Cirroc Lofton is celebrating his 39th birthday. Lofton played Jake Sisko, son of station commander Benjamin Sisko (played by Avery Brooks) for the entire seven-year run of the series.

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Ironically enough, Lofton got the call that he had won the role of Jake Sisko on his birthday.

Lofton was just 14 when the series began, and viewers watched him (and Jake) mature for almost the entirety of his teenage years. Lofton and Brooks became close over the course of the series and had a good relationship during and after the show’s run.

Lofton’s acting career began at the age of nine in the movie “Beethoven”. Aside from being a series regular on DS9, he appeared in “Moesha”, “Smart Guy”, “Seventh Heaven”, “CSI: Miami”, and others.

He also had a recurring role on “The Hoop Life”. That show focused on the life and times of the players of a fictional professional basketball league. Lofton played the role of Curtis Thorpe, a professional basketball player. The show lasted just one season, and Lofton appeared in 22 of the series’ 23 episodes.

Lofton focused on business and economics after these series ended, studying both in college. He opened a restaurant called “Cirroc’s Cafe”. His wife had a wine bar nearby, and she eventually bought out the cafe. The wine bar still stands today.

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As for Deep Space Nine’s impending big day, the series’ 25th anniversary will take place on January 3rd, 2018.

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