Discovery reveals solo teaser for the Klingon Voq


CBS Entertainment has finally given us another bit of info on the Klingon Voq of Star Trek: Discovery with a new solo teaser trailer.

The biggest mystery surrounding Star Trek: Discovery thus far focuses on the unknown Klingon Voq. He (or she?) has a promotional poster and a fleeting appearance in the most recent lengthy trailer, appearing to pounce on First Officer Michael Burnham aboard a Klingon ship.

You can check out the promo poster below via our Twitter account:

Most excitingly, CBS Entertainment has released a new promotional teaser for Voq. In fact, Voq is the first Klingon to get a solo promo teaser, which is an interesting twist considering the fact that we still don’t know who plays him.

Check out the teaser below:

The first thing you’ll notice, other than a pale Klingon, is that Voq is holding what appears to be something very similar to a bat’leth, a large two-handed weapon we’ve seen in every Star Trek incarnation since the original series. Needless to say, that’s fantastic.

Discovery is poised to look deeper into the Klingon culture than any show we’ve seen before, and this torturously slow reveal of all things Voq is definitely keeping our interest here at Redshirts Always Die.

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Star Trek Discovery will launch on September 24th at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS before moving over to CBS All Access for the rest of the first season, and you can catch our continuing coverage here.

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