A closer look at T’Kuvma, the Klingon leader


As we near Star Trek: Discovery’s debut, we’re looking closer at each primary character. Let’s take full aim at Discovery’s T’Kuvma, the Klingon leader.

In a series shrouded in mystery, no significant character is quite as mysterious as T’Kuvma, the leader of the Klingon Empire in Star Trek: Discovery. We don’t know what his specific title is, although future iterations of Star Trek indicate his role could be the Chancellor of the Klingon Empire.

We do know a bit more about T’Kuvma. We know he wants to unite the 24 great Klingon houses against outside encroachment, and possibly against encroachment caused by the Augment virus (per theory floated by Enrico Pastellio of NCC 1031). Considering the tone of the trailers we’ve seen from the first three episodes, we can assume that the Federation will take the brunt of this Klingon fury.

T’Kuvma, played by Chris Obi, is the Klingon we’ve become most familiar with through trailers, but we’ve also seen L’Rell (played by Mary Chieffo) and Kol (played by Kenneth Mitchell). We’ve also seen Voq, a pale-skinned Klingon, in a solo promo trailer, a promotional poster and briefly in a full-length trailer. We still don’t know who is playing Voq.

We’ll learn much more about the Klingons when Star Trek: Discovery airs on September 24th at 8:30 p.m. EST on CBS. The show will air weekly thereafter on CBS All Access, a subscription service.

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