Lieutenant Saru senses the coming of death in new trailer


In a Star Trek: Discovery trailer released by CBS on Thursday, we get to hear Lieutenant Saru expand a bit on his species’ innate ability.

In CBS Entertainment’s ongoing mission to both excite and madden us with new Star Trek: Discovery information and trailers, they released a new one on Thursday.

Check it out below embedded on the @redshirtsdieFS Twitter account:

Captain Philippa Georgiou, Ambassador Sarek and Lieutenant Saru get the feature billing in this trailer. As Georgiou’s starship, the USS Shenzhou, approaches a menacing fleet, she announces, “Contact Starfleet Command. We have engaged the Klingons.”

We then see a series of clips of First Officer Michael Burnham, with a voiceover from her adopted Vulcan father, Ambassador Sarek. He says, “You are gifted. Gather your strength. Find a way to help those who need you.”

Lieutenant Saru finishes the narration, and it gives us the opportunity to look a bit closer at his character. He declares, “My people were biologically determined for one purpose alone: To sense the coming of death. I sense it coming now.”

Saru is a Kelpien, a new race to the Star Trek universe. Kelpiens are a prey race with a biologically enhanced ability to sense threats. Whether “coming death” specifically means that he is able to detect impending death or merely mortal danger, we can’t be sure, but he’s likely a good advisor to have in dangerous situations.

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Star Trek: Discovery will air on September 24th on CBS at 8:30 p.m. EST. It will air weekly thereafter on CBS All Access, a subscription service.