A closer look at Discovery’s Captain Philippa Georgiou


As we near Star Trek: Discovery’s debut, we’re looking closer at each primary character. Let’s take full aim at the USS Shenzhou’s Captain Philippa Georgiou.

The coming launch of Star Trek: Discovery has been nothing but mysterious, with plenty of trailers and promo videos to give us just enough information to drive us crazy. While a handful of characters have had backstories laid out (such as First Officer Michael Burnham), other high-profile characters have been short on information.

One such mysterious character is Captain Philippa Georgiou of the USS Shenzhou. We know that she’s the captain of the (presumably) ill-fated Shenzhou, but we also know that Michelle Yeoh (the actress portraying Georgiou) is slated to appear in all 15 episodes of Discovery’s first season.

We also know she looks like a bad-ass with a phaser pistol on her shoulder, as you can see below.

As for what happens to Georgiou after the Shenzhou’s (supposed) destruction, we’re stuck speculating. We may find a situation similar to what occurred in Star Trek: Voyager, when Voyager and the Maquis vessel joined forces after being flung across the galaxy.

A reshuffling of the command structure of the USS Discovery is likely in order, but to what end remains to be seen, given that Michael Burnham is known to be First Officer.

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We won’t have to wait long to find out, as September 24th is fast approaching. Discovery will air on CBS at 8:30 p.m. EST, and will be shown on CBS All Access (a subscription service) each week thereafter.