What people are saying about Discovery on Twitter


With two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery in the books, social media was bursting with commentary on the franchise’s newest series’ debut on Sunday night on CBS and CBS All Access.

Well, that’s two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery down and in the books after premiere night on Sunday, September 24th. Our Twitter timeline on @redshirtsdieFS was absolutely bursting forth with commentary on the franchise’s newest entry, before, during and after the episodes.

We put out a call to you, the viewers and readers (and out social media followers) to learn just what you think of the new show, and as expected you came through.

We’ll share many of the responses we got, but we want to know what you think too. Leave your comments below tell us your thoughts, whether they be good or bad.

Here goes:

We’ll be covering the two debut episodes, “The Vulcan Hello” and “The Battle At The Binary Stars”, in depth over the next week from every angle we can come up with, and we’ll look ahead at next week’s episode “Context Is For Kings”.

To follow along, join us on Twitter @redshirtsdieFS and on our Facebook page. We’ll be using your comments, questions and concerns liberally as we lead into next week’s episode three.

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Star Trek: Discovery will be shown on CBS All Access next Sunday at 8:30 p.m. EST and every Sunday thereafter until the mid-season break on November 5th.