Imagine if Quentin Tarantino Directed Original Star Trek


The Nerdist explores the alternate universe where Quentin Tarantino directs Star Trek: Voyage to Vengeance. Imagine Star Trek TOS with an edge!

Quentin Tarantino’s movie formula focuses on each act as a separate story linking to the larger tale. The Tarantino experience often resembles a three-episode mini-series packed into one film.

Tension as well as over-the-top violence and gore serve as Tarantino trademarks. His genius lies in generating an instant tension so tight, it’s hard to believe he can ratchet it up as the act evolves.

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Consider the opening act to Inglorious Basterds. SS Colonel Hans Landa — played by Christopher Waltz with extreme, maniacal menace and focus — visits a quiet French dairy farm seeking to unearth the last Jewish family residing in the region. The brave French farmer, who secrets the family under the farmhouse floorboards, offers tremendous courage in attempting to throw Landa off the scent. But, after incredible tension, the scene erupts into slaughter and the protagonist, Shoshanna, escapes into a field.


And then there’s the visuals. In Kill Bill, innocent-looking Japanese school girls (Gogo Yubari) morph into skilled/sociopathic martial arts killers! Can we imagine a Star Trek crew where female crew members toss away their standard-issue Starfleet skirts for something out of a Japanese manga comic?

How about Klingon weapons resembling Yubari’s deadly ball-and-chain?

Surely, Tarantino’s track record leaves much for the imagination. What would the Trek look like under Tarantino’s guiding hand?

"“They meant to bring peace to the galaxy…they brought their pieces instead.”"

This trailer from Nerdist Presents offers a parody of this possible world. Titled: Quentin Tarantino’s Star Trek: Voyage to Vengeance, appeared on YouTube on January 22, 2018. After a six-week run, the clip drew more than a half-million views.

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Had Tarantino walked in Gene Roddenberry’s shoes, we’re pretty sure Star Trek would resemble the universe of the ISS Enterprise with a swash-buckling Captain Kirk laying waste to enemies throughout the galaxy, rolling in booty — both of the monetary and fleshy-types — and spilling a veritable rainbow of blood.

Of course, TV in the 1960’s wouldn’t be prepared for Tarantino’s language requirements, violence and sex. Today? It’s a cable hit!