Star Trek Fans Cosplayers: Twitter Harvest


Attention Star Trek Cosplayers: Get ready for the spate of 2018 Comic, Sci-Fi and Trek conventions! Here’s a harvest of cosplayer Tweets.

Every now and again it’s fun to search for cool cosplayer photos on Twitter. Maybe every two weeks or once a month.

We’ve collected some interesting cosplayer embeds such as this woman who accidentally put together a TNG uniform and has no idea.

And the hair-do…a couple of pointy ears and BANG, she’s a convincing Romulan or Vulcan. The kicker is the Christmas-tree broche/badge/communicator.

Ummm…I’m just glad they went with USS Enterprise uni’s and not the ISS Enterprise.


Hey @JJ9828 (sounds like a Borg name), let us know how this works out for ya. Boots ‘n all…

Sara has “Starfleet Academy Graduate” written all over this look. Sharp and smart!

One bad looking Vulcan girl. You have to be glad that she can control her emotions. And this links to an interesting cosplay Pinterest page.

Opening a hailing frequency. Great shot of Nichelle Nichols. Lucky dude getting a snap. And oh, he was in a red shirt and didn’t survive the trip.

He’s proud of his Chief O’Brien get up. We’re impressed by the Trek shower curtain in the background! Is that a sonic shower or analog H2O?

Again, in a red shirt and messing with Horta eggs. Dude has a serious death wish.

Great costumes, but these cosplayers need to bulk up!

Wow! Is this a Brent Spiner stunt double or what? Great Data cosplayer look!

“I coulda been Nurse Chapel!”

The blue eyes kinda distract from the custome, dontcha think?

Pretty good first-time cosplay. Kinda like hitting 50 home runs in your rookie season…

Always great to see an Andorian. One of the better alien sect in Trek. And the old-school silver camper…looks like something out a 50’s sci-fi flick!

Which of the featured cosplays above is your personal favorite and which look do you feel best captured the character they were portraying? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!