Star Trek based on secret space program?


Rumors continue to circulate about a secret space program and how Star Trek played a role in soft-launching the concept to the American public.

Could it be true? A secret space program exists with capabilities far beyond those of NASA? And if so, did Gene Roddenberry work with government operators to “soft peddle” Star Trek as a means to test and prepare the public for the program’s ultimate disclosure?

That’s what some people in the conspiracy space theorize.


Did Star Trek emerge from Roddenberry’s active imagination or was he part of a larger plan?

Theorists claim the United States gained a great deal of information from Nazi scientists and alien technology. The alien technology piece of this equation casts doubt on credibility due to a lack of hard ET evidence. However, the German’s high-tech experiments offer documentation. As a result of discovering this technology, the United States, under the operational command of the U.S. Navy, built a large space fleet and was able to occupy the moon and, in some cases, Mars.

Continuing the theory’s claims: NASA was originally established as the public-facing front group for patriotic and storyline purposes, but the real space fleet has been operating within the solar system for decades.

Before we delve into this subject, consider this video from Michael Salla at


Meet Gary McKinnon. He’s the British citizen who hacked into NASA’s computer systems from Feb. 2001 to March 2002 using a program called “Landsearch.” The program allowed McKinnon to search across every computer on NASA’s network. What he discovered stunned him.

“I also got access to Excel spreadsheets,” McKinnon told Wired Magazine in 2006. “One was titled “Non-Terrestrial Officers.” It contained names and ranks of U.S. Air Force personnel who are not registered anywhere else. It also contained information about ship-to-ship transfers, but I’ve never seen the names of these ships noted anywhere else.


Building a secret space fleet can be expensive. How would the public miss something as big as this?

Did you realize the Pentagon has no idea how it lost, misplaced, or stashed $21 trillion dollars. The money evaporated over the past two decades. Suffice it to say, the government is finally and currently auditing the Pentagon. We should receive a report on the audit’s finding before the end of the year.

But secret space program theorists point to these missing trillions as a evidence of a dark military programs.


William Tompkins worked as an engineer for the Navy and military contractors. He landed the job fresh out of high school based on his photographic memory and ability to identify and build scale models of naval warships. He admits in the video below how he designed space ships for the Navy.

“I designed US Navy spacecraft carriers which finally got built back in the late 70’s, up in Utah, underneath the ground, and you’ve seen the pictures of US Navy spaceships — Solar Warden,” Tompkins said.

This is Tompkins’ final interview before his death. Tompkins offers a deep dive into his experience with the program. Fascinating.


These types of theories need to be backed by hard facts. As we know, people can embellish the facts, the governments around the world have a long history of concocting disinformation as distractions for their true agenda.

What’s more likely is that a secret space program exists, but it’s based in near-earth orbit and is more about intelligence gathering and satellite-based space warfare than massive space carriers, time travel and extra-planetary bases.

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But if it’s more than that…goosebumps.

It’s safe to project most Star Trek fans share a common dream of serving aboard a starship or adventuring into space.

Do you believe any of this is true?