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The latest Star Trek news offers some information about the tough auditions for Star Trek: Enterprise, Quentin Tarantino possibly preventing his film idea from getting a R-rating and the possibility of Discovery being referenced in a comic book series!

Engage! discusses an end scene in the comic: To Boldly Go #17.

The comic, set in the re-booted universe of the recent Star Trek movie triology, features a resurrected Gary Mitchell — Kirk’s former BFF who gained god-like powers that required vanquishing in the TOS episode “Where No Man Has Gone Before.”

Mitchell has always hung out there as a sort of loose end among TOS plot endings. Did he survive being buried alive under a massive rock?

In this comic, Mitchell’s powers not only helped him survive, but allowed him to transcend space and time. As a result he forewarns Kirk:  “Wait until you see the universes where you’re on an Enterprise powered by mushrooms! Or one where all of us are just fictional characters!”

The fictional characters line is a hoot, recalling John Scalzi’s “Red Shirts.”

Did Mitchell’s reference to mushrooms predict Discovery’s Crossfield-class spore-powered ship?

PG-13 Tarantino? This IS an alternate reality…

Simon Pegg, aka Scotty in the latest movie re-boots stopped for HeyUGuys on the red carpet at the 2018 Empire Awards.

This interview pretty much confirms a Tarantino development process.

"I don’t think [Quentin Tarantino has] written an R rated Star Trek script. I think what happened is he went to J.J. [Abrams] with an idea that he’s had for awhile. I remember he told us about it a long time ago. I think he told me and Edgar [Wright] about it a long time ago. He just put it to J.J. and I think J.J.’s just considering putting it into a writing room. We got an email just saying “Guess what? Guess who came into the office the other day?” So I don’t know much about it other than it’s in the mix, so we’ll see."

Auditioning for Star Trek: Enterprise like going to Starfleet Academy?

Conner Trinneer, who played the role of Trip Tucker on Star Trek: Enterprise, appeared on The Alpha Quadrant podcast and discussed the challenges of landing an acting role on the series.

“I had never been through the ringer like it was for [Enterprise]. And the scope of audition process was really varied for our show,” Trinneer said. “Apparently, they just tapped Dominic [Keating], knowing they wanted to play that guy. I think Jolene [Blalock] walked in and they went “Yeah, you. You’re in.” And [John] Billingsley was easy and I don’t remember Anthony [Montgomery’s] situation, but when I told my story, they were like ‘Holy cow!’ Brutal. Brutal”

In addition to discussing how he landed the role, Trinneer told Alpha Quadrant that Enterprise’s lack of distribution, placement on UPN and the the loss of an ally in Paramount Television Chairman Kerry McCluggage (he was fired) eventually doomed the series.

State the Nature of your Medical Emergency:

Robert Picardo, who played the holographic emergency doctor aboard the USS Voyager, will return for Season 2 of “The Orville.”

Picardo will continue to play the role of Lt. Alara Kiton’s dad.

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