Star Trek 50th anniversary art hitting auction block


Warm up the debit card, Bitcoin wallet, etc. Fifty works of Star Trek art are hitting the auction block!

As part of the 50-year celebration, Star Trek commissioned 50 artists to produce 50 unique works for art. The Star Trek art collection toured around the world and after its long, exhausting, is finally ready to go where no piece of art has gone before: the auction house.

Heritage Auctions, an outfit based in Dallas, TX, is set to make the original works available for the first time.

This is the first time a body of work like this has ever been offered at auction at one time. The artworks are marvelous and truly capture how Star Trek’s television programs and films have influenced generations of artists around the world,” said Giles Moon, Consignment Director at Heritage Auctions.

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The auction opens on March 27th on Heritage’s website.

The late Leonard Nimoy served as one of the artists in the collection. His work features an image of his own hand in Vulcan salute (photo courtesy of Heritage’s auction site):

In addition to this traveling exhibit, a book showcasing all the fantastic artwork, also hit the marketplace. According to a Google search, the book is selling at the bargain price of about $10.

Star Trek Art Themes

Rightfully, much of the artwork targets TOS, but TNG is featured in several of the pieces. Kirk’s confrontation with the Gorn, from the episode “The Arena” appears in three different works. There’s also a love of green Orion girls in several pieces including the recruitment posters. Overall, it’s not just canvas-based art.

An odd sculpture of a baby sitting on Spock’s face — sort of a reverse Alien-egg-laying-face-sucker thing — is harrowing. But hey, art is subjective, right?

If you want to see the full collection, you can visit the official page on Star Trek’s official site.

Which is your favorite?

I might be able to narrow it down to 10 or so, but I’m loving the cereal box, enlistment posters and anything with a retro Enterprise!