Leonard Nimoy’s son marries Star Trek DS9 star


Adam, son of Leonard Nimoy, celebrated his late father’s birthday by getting married to Star Trek series star.

William Shatner turned 87 last week. That’s the same age of Leonard Nimoy if he had not succumbed to lung issues.

Adam celebrated the day by marrying the super-gorgeous Terry Farrell who played Trill science officer Jadzia Dax on Deep Space Nine.

Adam Nimoy, like many in the Star Trek family, continues to participate in series product. He directed Star Trek TNG episodes “Rascals” and “Timescape.” He currently has a documentary on Netflix — For The Love of Spock.

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Nimoy claims 33 director credits on his resume. His career went dormant after 2003, but started to pick up steam again in 2011 and gathered more momentum in 2014 with “Leonard Nimoy’s Boston.”

He currently has a completed pilot; “Microwarriors: The Origin and the Destiny.” The show, focusing on bacteria and other single cell animals, is voiced by Leonard Nimoy.

Farrell served in her role on DS9 from 1993-99. Her character, Jadzia Dax, married Worf on DS9 in Looking for par’Mach in All the Wrong Places.

Jadzia, Dax’s symbiot host, was killed by Gul Dukat in DS9 episode Tears Of The Prophet.

Now 54 years old, Farrell continues to act. She returned to television after a 14-year hiatus as Jada in the series Star Trek: Renegades.

Nimoy and Farrell announced their relationship at the Star Trek convention in Las Vegas. They followed that up with news of their pending nuptials.

Join RSAD in wishing the couple to “live long and prosper.”