Star Trek Fan, New Contributor Beaming Aboard


Hello fellow Star Trek fans! My name is Manny Heredia. I am a new contributor for Redshirts Always Die.

I just wanted to take some time to introduce myself to my fellow Star Trek fans. I was born and raised in New York state. I currently reside in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. I am a husband, father, and small business owner.

I was born in the late 80’s, during the rise of “TNG”. My dad was a big Star Trek fan. So I was trained in the ways of “Trek”. As a baby, my dad would slide the “TNG” theme song into the cassette player and press play. I would immediately stop what I was doing and do a “special” dance (I have seen footage of this). When I got a tad bit older, I watched a Star Trek movie almost daily. As time passed, I started to become more interested in individual episodes. Fortunately my dad had the “TOS” VHS collection. Any time my brother and I wanted to watch a “TOS” episode, we could give my dad the episode name and he would give a brief synopsis right from memory. If it sounded exciting, we would pop it into the VHS player and enjoy.

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As a teen, I took on the mission of watching all the Star Trek TV series. After watching all of the Star Trek series and seeing how it all inter-weaved in one way or another, I fell more in love with Star Treks vast canon. I also became very defensive of it. For example, when Star Trek(2009) arrived in theaters, I needed closure on how this movie could be considered canon. Fortunately for me and I’m sure for many of you, I found that closure. The list of canon issues can go on, but needless to say, I love to discuss matters involving Star Trek canon.

Another part of my Star Trek upbringing was Star Trek PC games. The first game I ever played was “Judgement Rites”. This is an old MS-DOS computer game. Thru the years I have played many of the game titles. Today, I causally play “Star Trek: Online”. I can definitely say that Star Trek played a major part in developing my love for technology.

Needless to say, I am a big fan of the Star Trek franchise. It has been a very big influence on my life. Star Trek is something that is very near and dear to me. One of my favorite things about Star Trek fans is their passion and love for the franchise. With this passion and love, comes: opinions, theories, likes, and dislikes. These are all things that we share among ourselves. These things are what fuels the Star Trek franchise and keeps us writing here at Redshirts Always Die.

As a new contributor here at Redshirts Always die, it is my goal to share my passion and love for Star Trek with our readers. I want to share my opinions and theories and also hear yours! I just want to say thanks for reading and “Live Long and Prosper”.