Star Trek Discovery casts Anson Mount as Captain Pike


Anson Mount, who starred as Black Bolt in Marvel’s one-season flop “Inhumans” gets a second-life as Captain Pike in Season 2 of Star Trek Discovery.

At the end of Star Trek Discovery’s first season, the crew answers a distress call and meets Captain Pike’s Enterprise. Speculation as to who would draw the honor raged for weeks. In the end, Anson Mount earned the role.


Mount has “Starfleet Captain” written all over him: Rugged looks, blue eyes, mid-40’s and stands a comfortable 6-foot-1. He even has a slight resemblance to Pike.

As Black Bolt, Mount played a tortured leader facing tough questions. We never really got to watch Mount speak as Black Bolt because the character’s voice is so powerful, it can kill. As a result, Black Bolt remains mute and uses sign language to communicate. His wife translates. It works in the comics, but from a TV POV, not so much.


Actor Jeffrey Hunter’s life experience copied the tragedy of Captain Pike.

In the Star Trek TOS episodes The Cage and/or Menagerie I and II, we learn how Captain Kirk replaced Pike as Enterprise’s captain. Mr. Spock remained fiercely loyal to his former captain and in Menagerie I and II, attempts to return him to Talos IV where he can life a full life.

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After leaving the Enterprise, Pike nearly died saving children during an accident, resulting in severe burns, paralysis and a mental ability to answer only Yes or No questions (sounds a bit like Black Bolt) and move his wheelchair.

However, the Discovery version of Pike will be very much alive.


Hunter’s wife, former model Barbara Rush, played a more active role in his career and essentially thought Star Trek beneath her husband’s station.

Rush’s interjection and poor relations with Star Trek execs, led to the creation of Captain Kirk and hiring of William Shatner.

Hunter suffered a concussion and head injury during an ill-timed stunt explosion while on a movie set in Spain. He returned home to Los Angeles within 24 hours and received an all-clear from doctors. Unknown at the time, Hunter had suffered an intracranial hemorrhage. He collapsed on the front steps of his home, struck his head during the fall and died on May 27, 1969.


If Pike is cast as Captain and the Enterprise makes an appearance, will not Spock be present or are we early enough in the timeline where Spock has yet to come aboard?

Do you think we will see Spock in Discovery at some point and, if so, who will play that character?