Will Star Trek Discovery Give Us More Than A Young Spock?


Since the casting of Anson Mount as Captain Pike, many are wondering who will be cast to play one of the most beloved characters from the Star Trek Franchise: Mr. Spock!


Star Trek: Discovery’s second season is inching closer to its start of filming. The recent news of Anson Mount being cast to play Captain Christopher Pike has many fans excited. As we know season 1 ended with the USS Discovery receiving a distress call from the USS Enterprise. It is logical to assume that we will be greeting by Captain Pike at the beginning of Season 2.

During this time in Star Trek Canon, Spock was serving under Captain Pike as the Enterprise’s science officer. The question is: Who will be cast to play the iconic character?

One of the more recent reports come from Justin Osera via his twitter account: (@trekfan4747)

"“Frakes says he will be directing episodes 2 and 10 of season 2 of #StarTrekDiscovery – episode 2 will have Anson Mount as Pike and a young Spock that we’ll see in flashbacks #StarTrek #ElPasoComicCon”"

According to this It looks like we will be getting a young flashback version of Spock. However in other reports, the show runners have indicated they are not looking to cast the older Spock. Why? There is a perfectly qualified individual that can fill this role. This person has already played the role but in a different timeline. That’s right, Zachary Quinto. The baton was passed to him by Lenard Nimoy himself. Regardless of how you may feel about the Kelvin timeline movies, Zachary Quinto did an excellent job of reprising the role as Spock’s younger self.

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Maybe we will see Spock at some later point in Discovery’s run. At that point, CBS and Viacom could possibly be one company again. This might make casting Zachary Quinto as Spock a lot easier. We will just have to wait and see what’s happens.

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