Paramount confirms two Star Trek movies in development


Rumors have been swirling for months that Paramount has been juggling around a few Star Trek scripts. Rumor has now become fact!

According to Trekcore, various individuals from the press that attended Paramount pictures presentation at CinemaCon 2018 reported via Twitter that Paramount confirmed that they are working on two, yes two, Star Trek films.

Regardless of how you may feel about recent Star Trek films, this news is exciting. For one it simply means more Star Trek! It also gives us plenty of things to speculate about.

It is very possible that one movie may feature the current cast and be based in the Kelvin timeline. Maybe it will be a Chris Hemsworth(Kirk’s dad) tale that involves time travel and elimination of the Kelvin timeline.

The other movie could be based in either timeline and take place during any era. Hopefully it takes place in the prime timeline but at a point in time that does not destroy everything that comes after it. (Hint Hint Discovery writers) Accomplishing this requires a well thought out script that truely looks out for the rest of the Star Trek canon.

Expectations will, as always, be high. Will Paramount listen to the fans and give them “real” Star Trek movies? The answer to that really is unknown.

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What is known, is the fact that many of our readers are unhappy with the previous three Star Trek films.(all Kelvin timeline) Hopefully Paramount takes an interest in their fans opinions of the previous three movies and changes it up.

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