Trek News: Weekend roundup for the week of 05/14/18


All the Trek news that caught my eye over the weekend.

There wasn’t a lot of breaking Trek news over the weekend. But here’s a few of the Trek related stories that caught my eye. Did I miss something? Probably. So, let me know what I should have included in the comments. If you missed it, you can find last week’s here.

It’s been rumored for the better part of a month, but it looks like Simon Pegg has officially confirmed that S.J. Clarkson will be joining the Star Trek family as the director of the 4th Kelvin Universe Star Trek. Also making news is the fact that Clarkson will be the first woman to helm a Star Trek movie. Which means, in all likelihood, if Carol Marcus takes her shirt off, she’ll probably have a pretty good reason. Zachary Quinto is no stranger to working with Clarkson, as they previously worked together on NBC’s Heroes.

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In other Kelvinverse news, Jennifer Morison teased a major spoiler. Morison, who played James Kirk’s mother, was on an expo panel moderated by Voyager’s Garrett Wang. When Wang suggested that George Kirk died in the first J.J. Abrams Star Trek, she corrected him as being presumptious. This would come as a shock to anyone who saw Star Trek 2009 because we all watched as George Kirk definitely died before our eyes.

Finally, if you’re like me then you got excited by the news that scientists have invented a cloaking device. Unfortunately, this enthusiasm may have been premature because that’s not exactly the case. According to Gizmodo, the news that science had finally made a cloaking device just like in Star Trek isn’t quite accurate. The device that Penn State researchers have come up with is intended to deflect sound waves, not light waves. It’s probably for the best though as the creation of a cloaking device would be in direct violation of the Treaty of Algeron.