Nicholas Meyer trilogy on hold due to CBS Viacom fights


Proposed Nicholas Meyer trilogy on hold for foreseeable future.

I wrote Wednesday about the troubled CBS Viacom merger. The fighting continues, with no signs of letting up. This means that the long hinted at Nicholas Meyer project is on hold

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Meyer was discussing the project as a standalone Trek trilogy separate from both Discovery, and presumably separate from the Kelvin Universe movie currently in preproduction. He gave no details about what the trilogy might have looked like. There have been rumors that a future film might delve into the backstory of the character he helped elevate into Trek superstardom, Khan Noonien Singh. 

Having Meyer helm more Star Trek would definitely be welcome, but it looks like the ongoing fight between CBS and Viacom isn’t going to go away anytime soon. CBS wasn’t answering questions regarding the merger during their corporate quarterly earnings call, and president Les Moonves skipped an annual press event at the Upfronts. 

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The project hasn’t been put on hold over any kind of rights issues. With the two companies focusing all their energy on fighting there’s less resources for a new Star Trek trilogy.  As of now, the corporate fighting doesn’t show any signs of letting up.

Meyer is the director responsible for both The Wrath of Khan and The Undiscovered Country. In addition to that, he also wrote the screenplays for Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home and Star Trek VI. He also served as consulting producer on the first season of Star Trek: Discovery. It should be noted that Wrath of Khan and Undiscovered Country are, of course, the two best Star Trek movies.