Star Trek attraction rumored for Universal Orlando


The theme park set a long time ago in a galaxy far far away may have some competition from one where no one has gone before. Rumor has it that Universal Studios may be planning a Star Trek attraction for their rumored new park in Orlando, FL.

Disney has been getting a lot of media attention for their Star Wars attraction, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. The attraction has been in the works for several years now and is finally due to open in 2019. Disneyland will open its Star Wars attraction in the Summer of next year. Walt Disney World is set to debut theirs later in the fall of 2019. Universal Orlando is rumored to be getting into the sci-fi attraction game with an, as yet only rumored, Star Trek attraction.

There are multiple location options for a potential Star Trek attraction at Universal Studios. The recently closed Terminator T2: 3D attraction is one option. Also, Universal recently purchased a large swath of land. They have not commented on what would possibly go where. Rumors are out there about Universal considering an attraction based on the Bourne franchise.

This isn’t the first plan for a potential Star Trek attraction. In the early 90’s there were plans for a full-scale replica of the Enterprise in Las Vegas. The project was deemed cost prohibitive. Eventually, a much smaller attraction, Star Trek: The Experience was installed in the Las Vegas Hilton instead. In addition to Star Trek: The Experience, Star Trek: The Starfleet Academy Experience is a smaller traveling exhibit. The exhibit has been in various locations over the past two years and is currently at the Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, New Jersey.

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Let’s hope there’ve been advancements in making cost-effective full-sized starship models in the past 35 years. I’ll be there to toss my motorcycle keys to a stranger and walk on in the second there’s an actual Enterprise to walk into. Still no plans on when we can expect a full-sized Utopia Planetia.

There’s no word on how the ongoing legal dispute between Viacom and CBS could affect any plans. What would you want to see in a potential Star Trek attraction? Let us know in the comments below.