Is Patrick Stewart coming to Discovery?


There’s been a lot of canon talk in regards to Star Trek: Discovery lately. Both Sonequa Martin-Green and the showrunners have been talking about the importance of cementing Discovery in Star Trek canon. So, I don’t know how this will jive with the rest of that, but Patrick Stewart gave a response to a reporter’s question that has sparked rumors that he may make an appearance on an upcoming episode of Star Trek: Discovery.

When asked if he’d seen Discovery Patrick Steward said: “No, I haven’t, but I may have good cause to look at it very soon.” That was all it took to have folks talking about the possibility of a Patrick Stewart cameo on Discovery. Will he have good reason to watch because he’s in it? Or will he be interested in tuning in because Jonathan Frakes is set to direct? There’ve also been rumors that Marina Sirtis’ could make a cameo in the future.

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The last time members of TNG were in a prequel series the reviews were mixed at best. The ENT finale “These are the Voyages” was pretty much universally panned. That was the finale for Enterprise that took place in a holodeck of the Enterprise D.

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Ruining a finale isn’t the only option when it comes to guest starring. Perhaps there will be a subplot where the crew of Discovery goes on a trip to the Picard family vineyards. Eagle-eyed fans pointed out that Captain Georgia did have a bottle of Chateau Picard in her ready room. Perhaps Michael goes to get another.

If they do decide to bring Picard along for the ride on Discovery then the folks in charge of making sure that Discovery is cemented into Trek canon are going to have their work cut out for them.

Watch the video below via Red Carpet News.