Tricorder could be coming to a doctor’s office near you


Great news for those of you who hate needles and love sci-fi technology coming to the real world. A new medical diagnostic device is a lot like Dr. McCoy’s tricorder. The device is currently in the prototype phase. 

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Like something straight from the Enterprise’s sickbay, a new diagnostic tool has the potential to be like something straight from Star Trek. The new device, created by developers at Aston University in Birmingham, UK, is in prototype stages now. It’s a lot larger than the one seen in the show. The current version is about the size of a home laser printer. Which is apt because it also uses lasers. The applications for the diagnostic tool are far-reaching. It uses no needles. Instead, the device uses lasers to measure blood flow. It can help reduce the risk of strokes in patients with hypertension by constantly monitoring blood delivery above the eyebrows. The lasers, unlike a variety of needles that are currently used, are completely painless.

The device has already been used for diagnosing skin cancers and strokes. Though it has to be paired with a computer for the time being a more portable version is already in the works. The current version is being tested at a hospital in Dundee, UK. 

Though still in the prototype phase much of the technology is ready to go into larger productions.

Though still in the prototype phase much of the technology is ready to go into larger productions. The university also recently launched a wing to commercialize their inventions, Aston Medical Technology. There is also a much smaller wearable monitor based on the same technology that athletes can wear on their wrists. With technology moving that fast, it’s only a matter of time before we get to see an EMH. 

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With less time spent diagnosing, doctors will be able to spend more time explaining to you whether they are, or are not an escalator. What other Trek tech are you hoping makes the jump from fiction to reality