What Trek should you watch with your dad on Father’s Day?


Today is Father’s Day. If you’re looking to watch some Trek with your dad then here are some episodes that might be good choices.

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If your father is a sports fan then a good Father’s Day episode would be “Take Me Out to the Holosuite.” In addition to being into Trek, I’m also a huge baseball fan (Go Tigers). In this one, the crew of DS9 takes on a baseball team full of Vulcans. Hilarity and life lessons ensue. The DS9 crew’s enthusiasm for America’s past time is infectious. If you’re not a baseball fan going in, you might find yourself one at the end. 

If your dad is the kinda guy who’s always tinkering with this project or that, then you might want to watch the DS9 episode “Explorers” with him. In this one, Ben Sisko builds a working space sailship based on one the ancient Bajorans are said to have used 800 years prior. He wants to prove that the Bajorans could have made it to Cardassia back then despite the Cardassians claiming otherwise. Really though, his main objective of the project was to spend some time with his son. Something a lot of dads and sons bored by their dad’s pet projects can surely relate to.   

It’s a reminder to bury those hatchets before it’s too late. A great lesson on Father’s Day or really anytime. 

If you’ve got a troubled relationship with your dad and want to patch things up before it’s too late then you should watch “Star Trek 3: The Search for Spock” together. This movie isn’t one of the best ones out there, but it’s not awful. Kirk and his son never had much of a relationship. It’s a reminder to bury those hatchets before it’s too late. A great lesson on Father’s Day or really anytime. 

If you want a share a moment with the man who wasn’t your biological dad but was always there for you, despite how embarrassing he can be, then go with the TNG episode “Family.” Worf welcomes his adoptive parents to the Enterprise. They get on his nerves, but whose parents don’t when they visit? In the end, all that matters is that they were always there for him.

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Finally, if you want to share a good cry with your old man, then there’s no other choice than DS9’s “The Visitor.” Jake loses his dad and we get to see the impact that has on him as he goes through life and the lengths he’ll go through to correct it. I’ve watched this episode dozens of times since the first broadcast. I’ll never make it through with a dry eye. If you can, you might be made of stone. A close runner-up in the tears department would be the TNG episode “The Inner Light.” Picard is transported by a probe to another planet where he finds himself living someone else’s life. The bonus of this one is that his son is played by his real-life son,  Daniel Stewart. 

Which episodes did I forget? Which ones do you think are the best ones to watch with your dad on Father’s Day?