A New Crew For The Next Generation


Join the crew as Redshirts Always Die begins the Next Generation. We’ll be talking Star Trek and looking for your feedback, comments and interaction.

You may have noticed that Redshirts Always Die has been silent for the better part of the last two months, we have been busy preparing for what I’m calling Red Shirts Always Die The Next Generation. 

Let me start by introducing myself, my name is Andrew and I’m the new Site Expert for Red Shirts Always Die. I come from a background of team/community building and of problem solving. I’m also a life long Start Trek, and sci-fi fan. I’ve been into most everything sci-fi since I was quite young and while it started with Star Wars I felt more at home with Star Trek. 

It’s a great time to talk about trek. 

To me this is one of the most exciting times to be a Star Trek fan, we have Discovery on the air, a new Picard series coming, development deals in play, movies being written and competed for and all the other projects we’ve all been following since the first time their concepts were whispered.  

What will the Next Generation Look like?

Your feedback and interaction. We invite you to use the comments, join us on Facebook and Twitter, tell us what you would like to see, what we’re doing right and what we’re doing wrong. We want to hear and discuss all of it! Let’s build a strong Community together. 

In the mean time we will continue to cover many of the same things as in the past with opinions on the latest Star Trek news and we have some pretty unique ideas for new content that I won’t spoil here, but I’m really excited about bringing them your way. 

Join the Bridge Crew

Casting calls are still open to beam aboard and join our ensemble cast as a contributor, I encourage you, if you’ve ever thought about sharing your love of Star Trek with the world your chance is here.

I can think of no better way to welcome the Next Generation then with you aboard!