Short Treks: Runaway – Let’s talk Tilly


On October 4th CBS All Access released the first episode of the all new Short Treks called Runaway.

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  • For those unfamiliar with the Short Treks series, it is a new short form companion series where each episode will be between 10 and 15 minutes and looks to be focused primarily on Star Trek Discovery’s secondary characters.

    The first four planned episodes are to be released October 4th, November 8th, December 6th and January 3rd with the remaining three to feature a new character named Craft, Commander Saru, and finally Harry Mudd.

    For now let’s talk about the first episode, Runaway. Starring the loveably silly, Ensign Tilly.

    The episode plays out in a similar fashion to a typical B-Plot on any number of Star Trek episodes, just without the main narrative of the Discovery in the foreground, it’s goes from an almost intense thriller vibe to a nice bit of comedy before settling gently into a rather thoughtful life lesson in the end, and I have to say I’m really digging this format.

    Typical series ‘webisodes’ tend to somehow feel wasted to me, with a few notable exceptions, they tend to seem to want to push an almost long form commercial narrative rather than a short story driven episode narrative, but Runaway in its self feels complete.

    I’m not sure if this is a typical opinion of the character, but when we were first introduced to Tilly in Season one of Discovery I thought she was going to be a bit of a flat one-dimensional prop used as the butt of jokes, but more and more she’s grown on me as one of the better characters on the show.

    In fact in some ways she is the traditional ‘fish out of water’ character writers use to help the viewer understand or relate to the plot. These characters are the go to for receiving explanations or mirror the feelings of the viewer in the situations we’re viewing, and who hasn’t had moments of self-doubt, or the feeling that they’re rambling when nervous, or dealt with an overbearing parent, or at least one of the many issues Tilly is dealing with?

    Now you’re no doubt wondering why in a supposed review of an episode I’m only talking about the character of Tilly, right?

    Two reasons really, one the episode is brand new and some viewing areas may not have shown it yet so I’m not going to spoil it, and two because ultimately Runaway is a beautifully written, shot and acted character piece on Tilly.

    Don’t miss Short Treks: Runaway.

    What did you think of it?

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