Megan Fox Talks About Joining Cast Of Star Trek 4


Megan Fox addresses the rumors that she may be joining the crew of the Starship Enterprise and appearing in Star Trek 4.

With Star Trek: Discovery Season 2 set to debut in January and a whole wave of new Star Trek shows waiting to take over CBS All Access, it can be tough to remember that Star Trek on the big screen is far from dead. No matter how much some fans would like to see otherwise.

Despite the fact that Star Trek Beyond underperformed at the box office, earning just $343.5 million worldwide against a budget of $185 million, Paramount still sees a lot of life left in the film version of the franchise. Of course what form that takes is anyone’s guess.

First there was talk that Star Trek 4 would use some kind of time travel plot device and have Kirk meet up with his father, played by Chris Hemsworth. Then word was that Quentin Tarantino was coming in to direct an entry in the series. That was followed a few months ago with news that Chris Pine was walking away from the role of Captain Kirk over money issues.

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Whatever form Star Trek 4 takes however, it would appear that it won’t include actor Megan Fox.

Fox is best known to pop culture fans for her appearance in the first Transformers movie as well as the two Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles reboot films. Rumors have been circulating since October that she was going to be joining the cast of Star Trek 4, They apparently began after she appeared with John Cho on the YouTube show Typical Gamer.

Entertainment Tonight asked Fox about the rumors and if she was indeed going to be in the film. Unfortunately for Megan Fox fans, it looks like it was nothing but rumors.

"“I love the rumor but where do these things come from? I literally have no idea what you’re talking about.“No one from Star Trek has [reached out.] I’ve had no contact with that camp whatsoever.”"

That all being said, Fox did mention that she considers herself a Star Trek fan and she wouldn’t be averse to joining the cast.

"“I would love it. That sounds great. I’m a fan. But literally there’s zero truth to it so far. But maybe you’ll make it happen!”"

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Now, considering Paramount isn’t even sure is they have someone to portray Captain Kirk for a fourth Star Trek movie, you can be sure they have bigger issues to deal with right now. That said, don’t be shocked if we all see Megan Fox on the bridge of the Enterprise at some point down the road.