Star Trek fans ranked among top fandoms


For the third year in a row Fansided (Full disclosure, FanSided owns Redshirts Always Die) has released it’s rankings of all of fandom and this year Trekkies once again warp high up on the list.

Known as Fandom 250, the ranking covers everything from sports and celebrities to entertainment and brands, basically if you can be a fan of it it can be ranked.

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Where did Star Trek rank?

Find out now in the 2018 Rankings!

Yes it’s all for fun, not to be taken as a serious, we all get a blue ribbon, or a new gold pip on our collars for being fans of this amazing franchise, but it’s still nice to know that as a group we’re still standing strong 54 years after Captain Pike first put on his command Gold uniform isn’t it?

I’ve thought a lot in the past few days about how I would like to cover this story, in the event Trekkies once again made the top 250, we ranked #65 overall and #6 in movies, and ultimately I think my overwhelming feeling here is that we should be thankful.

We have a series which after a false start was retooled with a modified cast, and subsequently cancelled before it’s five year mission could be completed, yet here we stand half a century later continuing to talk about it, it’s successors and it’s future on a daily basis.

I’m not going deep into the other fandoms in the rankings and discussing the merits of a Star Trek fan over a James Bond fan (ranked #154 overall and #8 in movies if you’re curious), because ultimately as Star Trek fans what we all tend to talk about is our shared experiences, even if we didn’t experience it in the same place or even the same decade.

As regular readers know we here at Redshirts Always Die have been building a new team and regularly welcoming new contributors, we continue to welcome new members to the team, if you’re interested, and one of the things I love most about welcoming our new crew mates is their introduction posts.

Why? They’re not generally about writing credits or claims to fame, they’re about these little experiences in life Star Trek has given us, or about this thing that came along in a dark time and showed us that ideal future.

So I’m less interested in bragging that we as fans are in the top 100, or crying that we dropped a few points overall from last year and more interested in simply saying:

Thank You Star Trek…

For giving us this thing we love.

Thank you Star Trek fans…

For being, regardless of rankings, the best fans in the world. (Yeah, also self serving, but what can I say…)

Welcome aboard Elliot, our newest contributor. dark. Next

Thank you Fandom 250

For recognizing this great group.

….Now lets go out and assimilate some new fans so we can get to #1.