Does Christopher McQuarrie want to direct a Star Trek film?


While doing press for Mission: Impossible Fallout, director Christopher McQuarrie talked about how he would love to work on a Star Trek film.

It would seem that despite poor box office returns for Star Trek Beyond and contract issues that may prevent Star Trek 4 from being made, there is no shortage of creative people who would love to work on Star Trek.

It was this time last year when Deadline was reporting that none other than Quentin Tarantino has an idea for a Star Trek film and that both Paramount and JJ Abrams were anxious to help him make it happen. Then in the spring it was announced that S.J. Clarkson would be the first woman to helm a Star trek feature film, after a string of success working on Orange is the New Black, Jessica Jones and The Defenders.

And lets not forget Abrams himself, who came to the Star Trek reboot after a series of huge hits and being in a position to take on pretty much any project he wanted.

Now it would appear a fellow Mission: Impossible director whats to beam aboard the Trek franchise and make his dream of helming a Star Trek movie come true.

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While promoting the home video release of Mission: Impossible Fallout with Forbes, director Christopher McQuarrie spoke about his love for Star Trek and how he would love to direct a film in the series if he could find the time.

"Star Trek is another one of those doors I mentioned, if that door opened I would gladly go through it. I am a huge fan of Star Trek. I grew up on Star Trek, The Wrath of Khan is one of my favorite movies of all time, but we haven’t really talked about it because we’ve been so busy with the work in front of us. We went from Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation right into Fallout so we were working on those back to back and there was Jack Reacher in there as well. I’ve never really formalized any of these relationships; Tom and I never really have any kind of formalized partnership. We just keep talking about movies and then eventually make them."

This isn’t actually the first time McQuarrie has expressed a desire to work on Star Trek. During a Q&A with Collider back in October, the director also talked about how he would go about making a good Star Trek film that would make money.

"I feel like Star Trek is kind of… it’s gone away from what the tenants of the series were about, which was kind of the hope and the promise and the science.It’s simple math, you know what you have to do with Star Trek? You have to make Star Trek for a domestic audience. Star Trek does better domestically than it does internationally, so I would come to Star Trek, and go, “Realistically, how much money should I make this Star Trek movie for?” And you’d give me a budget, and I’d go off and make the movie. That’s what I would do. You look at any movie like that, if you just be honest with yourself about the economics, it’s just a very real part of doing that."

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Sounds to me like McQuarrie has given this quite a bit of thought. I think if I was working for Paramount, I might give the man a call and have a discussion. He managed to take Mission: Impossible, a franchise many thought was a bit long in the tooth and give it a huge shot of energy and adrenaline. Whose to say he couldn’t do the same thing for Star Trek?

Something to think about at least.